The future will be Open Reality.

What will happen when a person cannot distinguish a virtual person from a real person. Are you familiar with the term transhumanity. Will it be possible to shift human consciousness into metaverses. Will we become the Matrix world through metaverses? Here we will soon publish Open REality excerpts of the projects we are working on and you will understand that the future is the reality and the reality is the future. Will we end up just lying in bed and let technology rule our entire lives.

NFT collection

3D avatars of the presidents

3D avatars of the presidents and monarchs of the European Union countries invite you to get involved in the future 3D world of Europe. Each painting is the work of great 3D modeler and expert Roger Magrini. Unique, strong and original. Presidents call for EU Metaverse entry. There is no similar collection on any NFT platforms world wide


EUME token

This ETH blockchain decentralized currency will be the foundation of the EU Metaverse 3D world. With it you will be able to buy, exchange it for real money and enter new Metaverse projects. The EUME token will be a revolution in the 3D world.